Bizarre Reptile Fun Facts!

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Bizarre Reptile Fun Facts!

We love the fun facts that we add into our shows, like how an Iguana has more than just two eyes, or how a garter snake and a skunk share a self defense tactic, but there are so many other bizarre things about reptiles that we couldn’t possibly fit all of the fun facts that we know into just one show, so here are some more fun facts about reptiles that you may not know!

Bizarre reptile fun facts:

We know that the largest snakes are the reticulated python and the anaconda but do you know what the largest VENOMOUS snake is? THE COBRA! It can grow to lengths of more than 18 feet long and can weigh more than 20 pounds.

Despite what we may have seen on online videos, chameleons do not change their color to blend in with their backgrounds. They cannot instantly turn pick if they touch something pink. They actually change color based on other factors such as their body temperature and their mood. For instance an angry or scared chameleon will become extremely bright in color, such as a bright red, telling predators to back off! Chameleons are also able to move each eye independently from one another, meaning that they can actually look in two different places at once!

There is a reptile that looks just like a snake but its actually a legless lizard, its what they call a “false serpent” because its not a serpent at all, in fact its a lizard!
It has ears, and it can even blink but it does not have arms or legs. These lizards lay eggs, they hunt mice and eat eggs and they also have been known to dine on the occasional bug like grasshoppers, beetles and even spiders! Some legless lizards can grow upwards of 3 feet in length, they have a very powerful bite but they are not venomous. Legless lizards cannot unhinge their jaws like a snake can so they actually have to stick to eating pray that is the size of their head unlike snakes who can eat much larger pray. Their main self defense is that they can detach their tail like many other lizards can such as the iguana or gecko.
A turtle can breathe through their butt! No they don’t have a butt snorkel! OK stop laughing now, but its true! How can a turtle stay under water for so long? Because they can actually breathe through their butt! During the colder seasons like the winter, when the water is really cold, their blood circulation actually slows down quite a bit, the soft tissue at the base of their tail is capable of respiration on a cellular level, enough to keep a turtle oxygenated and alive throughout the long, cold winters.
These are just a few of the many wild and weird reptiles you may encounter in the world. Keep checking our blog for more bizarre reptile fun facts and information about the exotic world of reptiles. You’ll also be able to see some popular species up close at New England Reptile Shows.  We showcase ball pythons, garter snakes, corn snakes, boas, iguanas and other exciting species. Learn more about each breed of snake just for fun or for choosing your future pet! 
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