New England Reptile Shows Frequently Asked Questions

About The Show2017-11-28T14:52:24+00:00

We offer two styles of presentations when you book with us

Our shows are a total of 2 hours in duration featuring 15+ reptiles from around the world. Both styles of shows offered below feature a hands on and interactive experience.



This style show gives our audience lots of information about each reptile; such as where they come from, what they eat, how they defend themselves, how big they get and more. We also showcase some fun facts about each animal as well to keep things interesting. We like to have fun and keep things as entertaining as possible.

*This style show is great for older audience groups, ages 7 and up seem to prefer this style show.

This show lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes long with an additional 45 minutes after the show for holding and photo time. Get your photo taken with any of the reptiles! For the older audience groups, we even offer close encounters with tarantulas! At the end of the show you have the opportunity to have a tarantula walk across your hand!



With this style show we run through some basic facts about each reptile, such as where they come from, what they eat, and how long they live. We showcase many more fun facts about each animal as well to keep things interesting. We like to have fun and keep things as entertaining as possible. 

**This style show is great for younger audience groups, ages 6 and younger seem to prefer this style show

This show lasts about 30min with an additional 1 to 1.5 hours for holding and photo time. For the younger audiences the kids can come up in groups of 7 or 8 and line up holding our 12 foot python for a group photo! They can each hold some of our adorable reptiles such as our bearded dragons and small snakes too! 


What if the kids or audience is afraid?2017-04-02T12:09:02+00:00

13321869_814893448646825_731388861777798424_n-smileWe completely understand your concern. While we have definitely encountered those that are afraid and hesitant to touch or get close to the reptiles, we never …ever approach anyone with a reptile who is afraid, we always give them as much space as they need.

We are happy to say that even those who are afraid at first, 99% of the time, end up not only touching but holding even some of our larger reptiles. You would be amazed at how comfortable they become once they learn a bit about them. We always start off with smaller reptiles then work our way up so this gives them the chance to get acclimated with them as we go.

I must admit my favorite thing about what we do is seeing those that are afraid holding and loving a reptile while getting their photo taken with a huge smile! For the birthday kids, even if they are afraid to hold them we always find a way to include them, we even have a magic wand and they get to be a magician and make a snake grow!


Will it bite?2016-11-25T15:15:40+00:00

We always say; “anything that has teeth is capable of biting, but these reptiles were born and raised in captivity and they are very used to human contact, they are extremely docile, so the chances of them biting are slim to none”.

Are you Insured?2017-04-02T12:19:31+00:00

YES! If you book with us online, you will be redirected to a thank you page that will have a link for you to download a copy of our certificate of insurance. If you book over the phone we can either email you a copy or bring one with us to the show.

What do you need us to do to prepare for a show?2018-05-22T13:14:36+00:00

We would bring one fold up table for the presentation of the reptiles, and one smaller one for the “Hands on Table” so we would need enough space for those, and for the audience to be in front of that and us to be in back. We have worked in small spaces and we can also present outside as long as the weather is at least 70 degrees or above … and inside as well.

If you have four legged furry family members we ask that they are not allowed near the reptiles for the safety of both your pets and ours.

Finally, make sure your audience is ready to have some fun!

How much time do you need to set up?2016-05-15T17:25:16+00:00

We typically can have everything set up within about a half hour prior to show time.

How long are the shows?2016-11-25T15:18:07+00:00

Shows are 2 hours long, one hour for the presentation and one hour for hands on and photo time.

For smaller audiences we have a lot more hands on time during the presentation with photo time after the show, but for larger audiences we welcome the everyone to come up and engage with us and the reptiles at the end of the show to ask questions, hold, touch and even get your pictures taken.

What do you need for the show?2016-10-26T13:39:48+00:00

We will bring everything, all we need is a place to set up so that we have space enough for our table and for the audience to be in front of us and comfortable, preferably sitting down.

If we want, can we pick what reptiles you bring?2016-03-19T12:20:48+00:00

Absolutely, if you would like to pick and choose, we are happy to send you a list of what we have, all you have to do is ask.

Do you do shows for disabled children?2016-04-07T01:28:16+00:00

Yes, having a disabled son ourselves, we are not only compassionate but we are also passionate about special needs kids, they are in for nothing more than 5 star fun! We engage the kids, give them space when needed and we can go at their pace. Learn more here

Do you do shows for companies?2016-03-07T13:11:07+00:00

Definitely yes! Check this information out: CLICK HERE


Are any of your snakes venomous?2016-03-07T13:09:37+00:00

NO! Don’t worry, we do not carry venomous snakes. A license is required for those and we prefer the not so dangerous kinds anyway.

Do you travel to us?2016-06-24T01:00:02+00:00

Absolutely! We will travel anywhere in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine and New York areas. Please ask for a quote for location that is further away.