Once you’ve completed and submitted your booking form, you will be redirected to a “thank-you” page where you will be able to download our certificate of insurance, a printable birthday invitation card if you’ve booked for a birthday party as well as a permission slip if you booked for a school.

You can also visit our “downloads” page at any time to access that info.

Please Note: Our certificate of insurance is password protected. To access it, use the password provided with the confirmation e-mail you will receive when booking. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us any time at Info@nershows.com or call us 978-257-8343.


All shows performed during weather that is below 70º fahrenheit must be held indoors.

Although we advertise a 2-hour run-time for our show, we are up and performing with our animals for a total of one hour and 15-20 minutes. The remaining time is used for hands on time, extra questions, photographs with the animals, and for late guests to interact with animals they may have missed earlier in the show.

Our program is not recommended for children under the age of six, unless said child is at an adult’s side throughout the show. Young children can be just as unpredictable as some of our animals, and we would like to keep any and all possibility of an accident to a bare minimum.

Please be aware that the birthday star may be asked to come up with us to be a volunteer. That is why we have a “favorite reptile” section on the booking form, so that they can get up close and personal with their favorite type of reptile.

For our grand finale, the birthday star may also help us perform a very special magic trick, in which we turn a baby snake into a giant! They will also be given a souvenir at the end of the show as a special gift from us!

At every show, we usually bring at least three no-touch animals. These animals will not be brought into the crowd to be touched for the following reasons:

  • The tarantulas’ hairs can cause an allergic reaction when touched
  • Some of the animals are very shy and fragile, and may react if handled too roughly

We will not be including large-scale reptiles such as alligators, crocodiles, any species of monitor lizard, or venomous snakes in our shows. We prefer to keep our shows as interactive as possible and we feel that these species may be too unpredictable around children. However, we will be including Boa Constrictors ranging from six to eight feet in length, a ten-foot Albino Burmese Python*, and a four-foot Red Iguana (among many other reptiles).

*Due to legal restrictions, we will not be able to bring our Burmese Python across Massachusetts state lines; however, we do have an equally impressive eight-foot Boa Constrictor who will be able to fill in as our grand finale.

If you are booking a show for a special needs child, or if one of your guests will be bringing a special needs child, please let us know in the “comments” section of the booking form. We would like to make the child feel included and safe around the animals. If possible, also include any special details about the child that you feel we should be aware of.

We ask that any furry or feathery members of the family be safely kept in a separate room during our program to maximize safety, not only for you and your family, but for us and ours as well!

We do not offer refunds for canceled shows, however, you will be able to re-book your show at any time.

If you would like to customize your show and choose what animals we do (and don’t) bring, please e-mail us to ask for a list of our animals to choose from. Please be aware, however, that this list is subject to change at any time (but we can assure you that it will not affect the show’s quality in any way!).

Please double check that you have a correct address, time and date for the show, and a correct and active email address when booking. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within one hour, please contact us at 978-257-8343, or at info@nershows.com.

This info was last updated on 4/2/17